Here you will find our price list, details about placing your orders using our order form, and info about our collections and delivery service.

Price list
As we continue with our very popular pre-order collection and delivery services, we will try to keep this list current and issue a new one at the beginning of every month. To see our most recent price list (Winter 2020), click here.

Order form
To place an order, please download our order form here. Please fill it in and then email the completed form back to us at (NB only works on computers, or iPads). For those of you who are using email on your mobile, or not tech-savvy (like us!), please instead just send your order to us as a list. For this, we need the following bits and pieces:
Your name, telephone number, and address
Your order (product description, including the weight) and quantity you require

Collections and delivery service
We have decided to continue with our collection service for customers who prefer to pre-order and collect direct from us, AND we will continue to operate our now very popular delivery service to all our customers! – our delivery days are now Wednesday and Thursday all day, and Friday mornings.

Extra info
We use compostable packaging on our huge range of packed wholefoods, and have free-range eggs, local honey, loose pasta, speciality food cupboard items and much more…! And whilst we will enjoy seeing many of you who want to continue with our delivery service, we very much look forward to seeing you all again on the market too – we are back on our usual pitch every Tuesday and Saturday!

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