Here are links to some of our lovely customers and friends! – enjoy discovering our Saffron Wholefoods community hub…

Alastair McNeilage – Psychotherapist
Alwyn Bessant – Specialist in Pre-conception and Pregnancy
Amanda – Artisan jams, jellies and chutneys
Chantek McNeilage – Mindfulness Teacher
Chris and Shelagh – Yoga Teachers
Esther Bickerton – ‘The Kitsch Hen’
Francesca Villani – ‘The Graphic Foodie’
Frank & Zahra Tyler – ‘Zafra’ Italian Restaurant
Jamie Oliver – Chef
Jayne & Sophie – ‘Fit Nutrition’
Laura Donohue – Food Writer, Photographer and Cook
Mike Murphy – Clinical Nutritionist
Nikki Phillips – Relaxation Therapist and Youth Mindfulness
Noriko Sakura – Alexander Technique and Massage
Siobhan – Dance, yoga and pilates
and more…!

Where it all began…

After dedicating 20 years in Learning Support, Nicola’s dream to create a hub celebrating community, friendship and healthy life finally came true in 2016 with the launch of Saffron Wholefoods – a simple but extraordinary market stall in her home town of Saffron Walden filled with love and energy, and ideas and foods for healthy living and being.

With a bit of help in the beginning from her sister to make the dream a reality, she created a vibrant and mindful place to listen to what people wanted and what they had to say – whether advice on special diets or cooking with alternative ingredients, making local deliveries and wholesale possible, looking into new and unusual foodstuffs, easy healthy recipe ideas, or just a lovely place for a hug and a chat!

In early 2020 she was joined by her husband Adam to make Saffron Wholefoods a truly family-run business. Adam is an expert in growing fruit and vegetables and cultivates an amazing allotment plot in Saffron Walden – ask him for tips and advice on how to make a vibrant vegetable patch in your garden… also for delicious vegetarian and vegan recipes!

Visit us on the market every Tuesday and Saturday to see who we are and what we do, and be part of our wonderful and growing Saffron Wholefoods family. Welcome!

Lucy and Nicola – 1970’s Ashdon