Here are links to some of our lovely customers and friends! – enjoy discovering our Saffron Wholefoods community hub…

Alastair McNeilage – Psychotherapist

Alwyn Bessant – Specialist in Pre-conception and Pregnancy

Amanda – Artisan jams, jellies and chutneys

Chantek McNeilage – Mindfulness Teacher

Chris and Shelagh – Yoga Teachers

Esther Bickerton – ‘The Kitsch Hen’

Francesca Villani – ‘The Graphic Foodie’

Frank & Zahra Tyler – ‘Zafra’ Italian Restaurant

Jamie Oliver – Chef

Jayne & Sophie – ‘Fit Nutrition’

Laura Donohue – Food Writer, Photographer and Cook

Mike Murphy – Clinical Nutritionist

Nikki Phillips – Relaxation Therapist and Youth Mindfulness

Noriko Sakura – Alexander Technique and Massage

Siobhan – Dance, yoga and pilates

…and we are adding to this list as we grow!